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Using TDR technology and up to a distance of 750mtrs the Cable Gauge diagnoses cable faults with no launch or dead zone at an accuracy of ±2%.

Simply select the appropriate cable type from the pre-stored library or enter the cable NVP, attach the leads to two conductors of the cable and with a single press of a button the length of the cable or distance to an open or short is displayed. Voltage on the wires up to 250v is continuously measured by the built in, true RMS voltmeter and is displayed to warn of a potentially unsafe condition.

The Cable Gauge will also inject a tracing tone onto the conductors to trace cables with a tone probe.

The universal banana jack test lead connectors allow for a wide range of adapters for any connector type. In addition, a BNC and F adapter are included. A carrying case and 4 "AA" batteries are included.

The affordable device is an essential tool for anyone in the cabling industry.


Measuring Functions

  • Conductor status (open or short), accuracy +2% and +60cm with correct NVP;
  • Voltage TRMS, range 0-250V ( AC or DC), accuracy +3% plus 1V;
  • Tracing tone, frequency 4 patterns, 575Hz, 977Hz and 7.82 KHz.


Other features

  • Simple navigation, cable measured with a single push of a button;
  • Integral cable library;
  • Integral tone generator, used in conjunction with any standard tone receiver;
  • Built-in voltmeter, actual voltage shown on the line for safety reasons;
  • Various test leads and adaptors can be utilised due to standard banana plug connectors (4mm).


Package Contents

  • CZ20050 Cable Guage instrument;
  • Croc clip lead set, 2pcs (black, red);
  • BNC and F adaptor;
  • 4 x AA Alkaline batteries;
  • Full instruction manual.



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Technical data

Dimensions (w x h x l): 81 x 178 x 36 mm

Mass (without accessories): 250 g


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Note! Subject to technical change without notice.

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