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Psiber LE80

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The LanExpert allows network profesionals to quickly maintain and optimize network services. Capabilities including Cable Testing, Link Detection, Ping and Trace Route verify point to point and cross network connectivity. Detailed Packet Monitoring, Filtering and Capture provide the ability to identify and solve complex problems. Flexible Traffic Generation and structured Stress Tests demonstrate network performance under varying load conditions. VoIP, Email and Inline PoE tests provide statistics and measurements required to ensure proper network performance. The LanExpert is a single solution for analyzing and troubleshooting networks from the cabling to the packet.


Measuring Functions

  • Complete Inline Packet Inspection;
  • Identify Traffic Protocols with Amount and Percentage Breakdowns;
  • Capture Up to 10,000 Packets for Analysis or Download to a PC;
  • Comprehensive Data Filtering to Quickly Identify Problems;
  • Measure PoE Voltage and Power to Determine Switch Port Power Allocation;
  • Process VoIP Traffic to Determine Call Statistics and Quality;
  • IPv6 Detection Capabilities;
  • Qualify Network Segments with an RFC 2544 Stress Test Prior to Activating;
  • Automatically Identify Standard Link, Frame, and Traffic Problems;
  • Identify Connected Network Devices by Type, IP Address or MAC Address;
  • Test Cables for Opens, Shorts, Reversed Pairs, Split Pairs and Measure Cable Length.

Other features

  • Colour touch screen display;
  • Lithium-ion battery pack.    


Package Contents

  • LE80 Handheld main unit;
  • Lithium-Ion battery pack and AC charger;
  • Remote terminator;
  • Memory stick containing manual and PC software;
  • Cables;
  • Pouch;
  • Quick reference guide.



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Technical data

Dimensions (w x h x l): 100 x 68 x 165cm

Mass (without accessories): 0.62 kg


Download files

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Note! Subject to technical change without notice.

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