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Kewtech KT71ProKit

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The Kewtech KT71Pro Kit is a comprehensive low cost solution to your Portable Appliance Testing needs. It provides fast, reliable testing and documentation for your PAT requirements.


Measuring Functions

  • Earth Bond Continuity Test: 200mA DC for IT and 20A AC for other appliances (nominal);
  • Measuring Range: 0-15 ohms;
  • Insulation Test: 250V or 500V DC (range 0.1 to 19.99 Mohms);
  • Run Leakage Test (soft test): 0.1mA to 9.9mA, >10mA;
  • Polarity Test (ext leads only): Continuity <10 ohms.


Other features 

  • Performs Earth bond at 200mA for IT appliances and high current 20A for all other appliances;
  • 250V / 500V insulation test voltages;
  • Run / leakage at 230V;
  • Single rotary dial position initiates test sequence;
  • Class I IT 200mA Earth Bond;
  • Class I 20A Earth Bond;
  • Class II;
  • Memory for test lead resistance compensation;
  • Extension lead test – including polarity;
  • LED indication of pass / fail as well as a result display;
  • Automatic check if appliance is switched on;
  • Tests 110V appliances for earth bond and insulation (with appropriate test adaptor-not included);
  • Tests in accordance with the IET Code of Practice.

Package Contents

  • KT71 PAT Tester;
  • EL110 PAT Kit - Adaptor plug;
  • PATLOG2 Log book including 500 PASS labels;
  • 250 Fail labels;
  • 230V Extension lead adaptor;
  • Test lead c/w probe and croc clip;
  • Kewcheck 103 - Mains wiring tester;
  • Screwdrivers;
  • Wire Cutters;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Calibration certificate.



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Technical data

Dimensions (w x h x l): 160x180x90 mm

Mass (without accessories): 1.65 kg


Download files

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Note! Subject to technical change without notice.

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