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Uni-Trend UT12C

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Length 150.0000 MM
Width 20.0000 MM
Weight 50.0000 G
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Suitable for use on electrical systems with voltage range between 90 and 1000V AC, the Unitrend UT12C is an ideal solution for quickly detecting the presence of voltage without the need to make contact with the electrical system.

When voltages are detected the UT12C will flash with a clear LED light and produce a vibrational alert (cancelable) and the actual testing mode is activated by a very simple ‘press-to-test’ button that’s integrated into the device.


  • Contact-free audible, visual and vibration indication of AC voltages between 90 and 1000 V AC;
  • Clear, omnidirectional flashing LED;
  • Quick and accurate detection of cable breaks;
  • Detects microwave leakage;
  • Phase detection in sockets;
  • Press to test switch avoids nuisance buzzing and extends battery life;
  • Auto Power Off – 3 mins;
  • Low Battery Indication - ≤ 1.8v;
  • Supplied complete with 1.5 V AAA batteries.

Package Contents

  • UT12C Voltage detector;
  • Batteries.



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Technical data

Dimensions (w x h x l): 75 x 210 x 30 mm

Mass (without accessories): 220g


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