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1.1 The buyer may place orders for products on a firm sale basis and may not return products.
1.2 The seller may accept or refuse to accept in whole or in part any order placed by the buyer and, where the seller delivers products in instalments, these conditions of sale apply to each instalment as if there were a separate contract in relation to each instalment.

2.1 The seller sells and buyer buys the products for the price shown on the seller’s invoice.
2.2 The buyer must pay all VAT on the products as invoiced.
2.3 The buyer must pay the price not later that 30 days after the end of the month in which the invoice was raised.
2.4 The seller may at any time, at its sole discretion, refuse to supply or refuse to continue to supply products to the buyer, or refuse to allow the buyer credit.
2.5 If the cost to the seller of supplying the products varies as a result of a change to VAT or customs or other similar charges (including any change to administrative policy) then the price increases by the amount by which the cost to the seller increases.

3.1 If the seller does not receive payment in full for products and any moneys otherwise due by the due date then the seller may take possession of the products or any part thereof, and terminate this agreement in which case the seller is entitled to recover any loss, including loss of profit.

4.1 Until the buyer has paid in full for the products:
4.1.1 title in the products does not pass to the buyer;
4.1.2 the buyer holds the products as bailee for the seller and must store the products separately to those
belonging to any other person;
4.1.3 the seller may require the products to be returned at the cost of the buyer or enter the premises of the
buyer and re-take possession of them;
4.1.4 if the buyer sells the products, the buyer holds the proceeds of sale on trust for the seller;
4.1.5 the seller may maintain action for the price of the products even though title in them has not passed to
the buyer; and
4.1.6 the product is at the buyer’s risk, even though title in them has not passed to the buyer.

5.1 Risk in the products passes to the buyer on delivery to the buyer or a carrier.

6.1 A consignment note or invoice issued by or for the seller is proof that the products included in the consignment note or invoice were received by the buyer in good condition and the buyer is bound to pay for the products included in the consignment note or invoice; in accordance with these conditions of sale.

7.1 All goods which are manufactured by the seller are guaranteed against faulty workmanship, materials or design for a period of 12 months from delivery (deemed or otherwise).
7.2 Where goods are not manufactured by the seller the buyer is entitled only to any benefits received by the seller from the manufacturer.
7.3 Any faulty or defective products must be notified in writing to the seller within 14 days of delivery.

8.1 Returns will not be accepted for any reason other than fault or defect.

AEGIS INSTRUMENTS LTD Privacy and Transmission Statement

AEGIS INSTRUMENTS LTD is highly sensitive to the transmission and privacy interests of consumers and believes that the protection of those interests is one of its most significant responsibilities. In acknowledgment of its obligations, AEGIS PTY LTD has adopted the following Transmission Statement and privacy Policy applicable to information about consumers that it acquires in the course of its business:

Acquisition of Information.
We do not acquire any more information about consumers than is required by law or is otherwise necessary to provide a high level of service efficiently and securely. When Credit Card Numbers are collected, we simply pass them onto the appropriate Financial Institution. We never permanently store complete Credit Card Numbers.

Transmission of Data
All data is acquired under 128-Bit SSL Security and customers whose internet browsers support global 128-Bit encryption can only use our system.

Restriction of Data
AEGIS INSTRUMENTS LTD restricts its systems to those deemed to be in low risk countries. No person or computer located within our high risk country range has access to any AEGIS PTY LTD systems.

Customer Sessions
All customer sessions with the secure AEGIS INSTRUMENTS LTD Merchant Servers have a 15 minute timeout feature. After this time, the customer is required to reconnect to our system to re-gain access.

Our Employees and Privacy.
We train all of our employees about the importance of security and privacy. We give access to information about consumers only to those employees who require it to perform their jobs.

Security Measures.
We make access to privacy-sensitive information subject to rigorous procedural and technological controls, consistent with legal requirements and the demands of customer service.

Disclosure to Third Parties.
We will provide individually identifiable information about consumers to third parties only if we are compelled to do so by order of a duly empowered governmental authority, we have the express permission of the consumer, or it is necessary to process transactions and provide our services.

Privacy and Our Business Partners.
When we make our technology or services available to business partners, we will not share with them any more consumer information than is necessary, and we will make every reasonable effort to assure, by contract or otherwise, that they use our technology and services in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy.

Questions: If you have questions about this policy, please send an email to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact our office on 0800 612 3447


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